Holistic Skin Care 101: How to Have an All Natural Skin Care Routine

 natural skin care routine


Here’s the dirty truth: there’s a long list of dangers in cosmetic products. If you’re purchasing skin care products off the shelves at your local pharmacy or supermarket, then most likely those products contain ridiculously harmful chemicals, like parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate, just to name a few.

Maybe you have developed this rule when you shop for food: if you can’t pronounce the list of ingredients, then don’t buy it. Obviously, this makes tons of sense. If you don’t know what is in your food, then why would you mindlessly consume it? If you wouldn’t put these kinds of products in your body, then why would you continue to put it on your skin?

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and, while it protects us from whatever is floating around in this big and scary world, it inevitably absorbs it, too. So, whatever you put on your skin is directly transferred into your body, blood stream and is processed through your organs.

With this knowledge, it’s hard to argue that skin care products with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients are benefiting your skin and body in anyway. Of course, making the switch to an all natural skin care routine may not seem like the easiest thing to do. If you’ve been simply plucking products off of a shelf for years, then where do you even begin in making the switch?

How to have a natural skin care routine

Making the switch to an all natural skin care routine isn’t as difficult as it sounds. But, first, you need to part ways with your chemical based cosmetics. 


We’re just going to rip off the bandaid here— you need to throw those chemical-filled skin care products away. Go to your medicine cabinet and throw out any products that have a laundry list of scientific names that are alien to you. If you’ve never paid attention to labels before, then you may be surprised by what you find. 

To create a natural skin care routine at home, you simply need to buy holistic skin care products. To those who think you need chemicals in your skin care products to heal acne, eczema, psoriasis, redness or inflammation, think again. There’s plenty of plant-based skin care products that will get the job done even better without introducing harmful chemicals to your body.

Holistic skin care solutions

There’s plenty of holistic skin care benefits that come from adapting a natural skin care routine. Let’s look at common skin conditions and which plant-based skin care products are the best to combat it.


Acne is a pesky skin conditions that affects 80% of people from ages 11-30. So, it’s safe to say that you’re not alone in the search to end those annoying red skin bumps. Rose water and squalane oil, which both have anti-inflammatory properties, fight against acne. Evening primrose oil, which helps with hormonal regulation, will also assist in getting the job done. Plus, rosehip oil is a strong antioxidant that works wonders for those suffering with acne, too. Did you know that you had so many options?


Natural anti-inflammatory skin care ingredients help against skin irritation, which includes eczema. The go-to’s are rose water and squalane oil, with evening primrose oil following as a strong candidate. Lucky for you, our Glow Facial Serum is packed with both squalane oil and evening primrose oil to assist with all your eczema needs. 



This isn’t a skin condition, but most cosmetics sell consumers on the fantasy of looking young forever. While chemicals may get you there the harmful way, holistic skin care products can help even better without harming your body.

Squalane oil helps with skin elasticity and cell regeneration to promote healthier and younger looking skin. Rose water prevents the breakdown of protein and collagen. Vitamin C is packed with antioxidants that directly fight against UV damage. You don’t even have to use skin care products to look younger— you can do wonders for your skin just by changing up your diet.

All natural skin care routine

 So, what products do you get from natural skin care brands to complete your holistic skin care routine? This is what we recommend:


Starting your all natural skin care routine can be a little bit intimidating. So, we offer a self love facial kit that comes with a face mask, toner and serum to help get you started on your holistic skin care journey. Trust us, once you use these holistic skin care products for a few weeks, you’ll never think about going back to your store-bought chemical based cosmetics again. 




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