Benefits of Jade and Rose Quartz Face Rollers


Your daily skin care routine is a reflection of self care, so, why not add one more incredibly beneficial step? You already have the charcoal and kaolin clay face bar, revive facial toner and brighten face cream, which may seem like the perfect trifecta, but there’s an even better tool that can bring you magical results.

Crystal face rollers, like jade and rose quartz, are powerful in the journey of skin care. While different crystals give off different vibrations and energies, the impact of using a crystal face roller share the same benefits. 

Each crystal face roller carries that power of their own crystal. Jade harnesses the power of inner peace and calmness while working against negative energy. Rose quartz symbolizes unconditional love, supports connection and inspires self-love. Regardless of the stone you connect with more, both crystal face rollers have the power for amazing benefits.

Help moisturizers and creams absorb into skin

Using a face roller immediately after applying our Aloe Face Serum is the best way to see the strongest benefits. By massaging the face, the serum is able to easily soak into those pores and smooth the skin. Plus, the skin is more receptive to the powers of the serum!

Improves lymphatic flow

Crystal face rollers are essentially little face and neck massagers that improves the lymphatic flow to reduce puffiness and inflammation. By massaging the lymphs, you can also detoxify your body, not just your face!

Increases blood circulation

The way crystal face rollers improve lymphatic flow is the same way they improve blood circulation. With better blood circulation, the crystal face roller helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It also relaxes the facial muscles that tend to tighten up over the years. You know, forehead lines, crows feet and marionette lines. Jade or rose quartz rollers help relieve this strain from the face.

Boosts collagen production and skin elasticity 

Using a face roller moves all the toxins and stagnant energy in your skin that has been built up over the years. By moving all of this around, you’re able to help your pores rid toxins that aren’t doing anything to help its current state. Once you start massaging, you’ll start boosting that collagen and gain skin elasticity. 

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