Our Story

Blue Orchid Collection was created from the love + desire to bring natural back to life.  In a time when plant power is truly becoming a forgotten power with chemical-filled pollutants finding their way into our food, air, household and skincare items, Blue Orchid is a commitment to restore healthy skin in a natural way.  My uniquely simple, yet effective apothecary line uses only carefully chosen ingredients from the Earth.  Flowers + botanicals + plant essences make up all of the formulations, with full intent to bring life energy back to your skin by using elements you can pronounce.  

Delving deeper into the passion, skin care is just the tip of the iceberg.  My products are crafted with the intent of mind + body + soul rejuvenation.  This entails a mission to restore + maintain the youth of your skin by also spawning a re-connection with the pure essence and beauty of our souls.  By creating wholistic rituals filled with intention, rituals that center your spirit and spark the passion to nourish your own wellness, you are feeding the beautiful soul that is you.

Blue Orchid is not just a skincare brand, but a lifestyle brand.  

It is a lifestyle of pleasure + joy + love that we seek to ignite by captivating the senses and increasing our overall power to grow + connect with the beauty of life and the of love for ourselves.  Blue Orchid Collection is an extension of a heart with intentions to redefine the various aspects of self love + care.


| Meet The Artisan, Falon |

About the Artisan

    After spending almost a decade of nurturing my family with a natural and wholistic lifestyle, in 2012 I decided to extend my love for apothecary into creating skin care products that transcribed my passion for natural beauty.  I knew that for many, the cosmetic industry is just about making a dollar.  It's everywhere, from skin care to our food and even the clothes we buy.  But my pure intention has always been about the beauty that comes from simplicity, the rituals that we maintain to nurture ourselves, and the longevity that we cultivate through the physical and spiritual things we feed our body.

 I have always loved to dance to my own drum and to listen to the melody that soothes my spirit.  This tenderness is translated into the creation of my products, handcrafting each one with pure love + joy, using the best ingredients for our health, and hoping that the person enjoying the formula is feeling the same spirit I had while creating. 

Happy wellness,

Falon Thomas

Crafter + Founder of Blue Orchid Botanicals

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