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"you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love + affection." - Buddha 

The Self-Love Facial + Ritual Kit is handcrafted with the intention of taking time out to love + nurture yourself!  Take the attention off of everyday stresses to indulge in a facial ritual featuring Blue Orchid favorites: wildflower grains + fancy cucumber facial toner + glow facial serum.  This ritual kit also includes an abalone shell + smudge stick to calm the mind + spirit, while raising the vibration of your surroundings.

Self-Love Kit:

Wildflower Grains | an unscented, delicate combination of botanicals + exfoliants that gently cleanse while leaving you with moisturized + radiant skin.

Fancy Cucumber | gently tones + brings balance to your skin using Cucumber Peel + Green Tea extracts

Glow Serum | this facial serum focuses on restoration of your skin using a high concentration of gamma-lineolic oils + omega fatty acids.

Smudge Stick + Abalone Shell

*makes a beautiful gift

*comes in gift box with usage card

Customer Reviews

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Violet Trujillo
Self love facial & ritual kit.

My God, where do I even start? Probably my favorite thing I’ve ever purchased for myself in years. The number one thing I love is that everything is natural. Second thing is how soft and beautiful it leaves my skin. It’s a special treat everyday and not only does my skin feel great, but I feel great inside too, which is something I needed as well. As soon as I finish my products I’ll be buying more. Thank you Falon, amazing products and customer service xoxo

Ashley Rodriguez
Awesome and refreshing

I was gifted this at an event, pretty sure I attracted it. I am beyond pleased with the quality of this product. Not only is it natural it also works great. My skin feels breathable and refreshed. Looking at the price I won't ever hesistate to invest in another when I am done with the one I recieved. Please try this if you've been having trouble finding a trustworthy product to cleanse your face and leave it feeling great.