Skin Care Spotlight: Rose Water

Benefits of Rosewater

What lengths have you gone to combat skin irritation, redness, acne or even eczema? Do over-the-counter medications sound familiar? Are your cabinets filled with pharmaceutical grade skin products?

We get it. Those heavy duty strength prescriptions are sometimes needed. But, we truly believe in the power of holistic skin care and always seek to nourish our skin first with natural nutrients from Mother Earth herself.

If you want to take a holistic approach to skin care, but irritation, redness, acne and/or eczema won’t seem to leave you alone, then what exactly are you supposed to use? We absolutely love rose water for all of these skin conditions and more. Why? Oh, we’ll tell you...

What is rose water?

Rose water is the distillation of rose petals and the stem. Not only does is smell beautifully, but it’s also packed with antioxidants that protects the cells in the skin against damage. Rose water has actually been used medicinally since the 7th century.

What are the benefits of rose water?

As previously mentioned, rose water is packed with antioxidants that help protect the cells in the skin against damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is so helpful in fighting against skin irritation, redness and eczema. As if rose water didn’t have enough to brag about, it also prevents the breakdown of protein and collagen in the skin, making it an anti-aging agent.

How should I use rose water?

Rose water can be applied directly to the face as a toner. If you have acne, redness or skin irritation on your skin other than the face, then we highly recommend our Himalayan Rose Body Scrub. Not only does this scrub have himalayan sea salt and organic rose petals, but it’s also packed with 84 minerals guaranteed to leave your skin glowing.

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