Welcoming Abundance: 4 Easy And Effective Ways To Express Gratitude

ways to express gratitude

What can you give away that’ll make you richer?


And, it’s true. 

Expressing gratitude makes the people around you feel recognized and appreciated, and prevents you from taking life for granted. When you find yourself in a constant state of gratitude, time seems to slow down. You really see and feel all of the flowers that are blooming in your bed of life.

Of course, if we have stumbled into the shackles of negativity, then the ability to effortlessly express gratitude becomes distant and faint. 

When we’re having a terrible day, how often do we notice the kindness of the person that’s holding open the door, or the compassionate smile from a stranger? Instead of noticing the beauty around us, we tend to find it hair-raisingly annoying, especially when we feel like the world is against us.

But, here’s a secret. 

The universe is never against you. 

Instead of viewing situations as “wrong,” try appreciating every aspect and detail. If you feel angry, then life is teaching you forgiveness. If you feel annoyed, then life is teaching you patience. It is written, but requires a shift of perspective to understand.

While reading the language of the universe is ideal, not all of us are fluent. We want to express more gratitude, but sometimes we’re just in our own heads. So, how do we express gratitude more abundantly in our lives?

Ways to express gratitude

Expressing gratitude comes from the love you have within. 

While we always want to think of our glass as half full, sometimes it’s just not. Let’s be realistic; we’re not always grateful for our gift of life.

And, that is totally ok. 

We aren’t perfect infinite beings on an upward linear path of happiness. We live on a roller coaster and sometimes our greatest achievement is simply holding back our lunch during the drop. 

Even if life hasn’t dealt us the greatest hand, there is still plenty to be thankful for. 

You may have heard the quote, “if you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, then you are richer than 75 percent of this world.” With this perspective, the blessings of our life become innately profound.  

So, how do we go from being blind of gratitude to outwardly expressing it? Well, it all comes from within, just like everything else on this soul-searching and self-discovery journey. 

Expressing gratitude exercises

Getting to a state of constant gratitude requires us to retrain the brain. 

By engaging in some mind, body and soul activities, you can connect deeper with yourself, develop a fresher outlook on life, and see all the miracles that are so abundant in front of you. To enhance your gratitude, try these exercises.

Keep a gratitude journal

A gratitude journal is a way of writing down everything you are grateful for to better embed active thankfulness in your mind. 

Often times, the little details in our lives are overlooked by the end’s day. So, writing down the events and people we are grateful for helps us reminisce and recognize the abundance in our lives. Eventually, the more you write in your journal, the more expressing gratitude will come naturally throughout the day. 


Our egocentric lives are fueled by the constant chatter in our heads. 

By calming the mind, we understand that we are in unison with everything around us. 

Instead of thinking, “why does this happen to me,” meditation will help alter your perspective to being more open to the messages of life. 

People have a habit of thinking that life is all about them. Most people think that they are the lead role in everyone’s life, as well as their own. Even though this is obviously not true, most of us can’t help but take things personally, act in inconsiderate ways, and hinder the success of others— whether intentional or not. 

Through meditation, we are able to become more self aware and recognize that we are all in this life together, allowing us to appreciate the role that everyone and everything plays in our collaborative production of being. 

When we start to view this existence as an extension of each other, a profusion of gratitude and love will follow.

Develop a yoga practice

Yoga and meditation are the link between gratitude and happiness. 

Developing a yoga practice allows you to become more in tune with your breath, body and the divinity of movement. Once you begin your at home yoga routine, you won’t be able to imagine life without stepping on your mat.

Yoga philosophy in itself is compassionate, mindful, and loving, creating a profound influence that spills over into every aspect of life. Practicing yoga and inheriting these characteristics will awaken your consciousness to be more receptive to appreciation and gratitude. 

Commit to a morning routine

Establishing a morning routine is like making a commitment to start your days with self care. 

It designates a time to solely work on yourself without thinking about all the other million tasks you have to do during the day. 

During your morning routine, you can practice yoga, meditate for ten minutes, jot down some notes in your gratitude journal, and set your intentions for the day.


Intention journalling is an amazing way to express gratitude, as it sets the energy and direction of your day. Of course, you are allowed to create your own morning routine with or without these activities. It’s your time, so choose what is right for you!

The benefits of expressing gratitude are immense, as it makes us more conscious, kind and open people. Thankfully, gratitude is a chain reaction. Once you create a flame of compassion, appreciation and gratitude within yourself, it’s inevitable that your light will spark a flame in others. 

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