The Importance of Morning Routines... and Why You Need One

  importance of morning routines

When you finally get it established, morning routines are an absolute godsend. Developing the consistency and finding what works for you can be a little difficult at the beginning, but that’s part of the journey! 


So, how do you find this magical combination of activities that awaken your soul in the morning and the time to *actually* do them? Surely it goes without saying, but morning routines require commitment and drive. First, you need to find what makes your soul sing, then dedicate 30 minutes to an hour every morning to do it. Yes, that means waking up earlier!

If you love sleeping in, then morning routines may even be harder to establish. If you’re not quite convinced on why you should shorten your beauty sleep, then here’s why a morning routine is an important ingredient in the recipe of self care.

  • It’s more of a kick-start than coffee

And, it comes without the crash! When you start your day with a yoga flow or meditation, it gives your mind a moment to wake up peacefully before the craziness begins. Allowing the time and space for your mind and body to breath can seriously alter the path of your mindset for the day. Instead of scrolling in bed, stretch, breath and feel the movement of your body. In a week’s time, you’ll be feeling better than ever!

  • Setting intentions for the day

When you set positive intentions, you set the energy and the path for the day. Meditating on your manifestations in the morning can make them come to fruition throughout the day, or weeks or months ahead. It all depends on the size of your intentions! If you’re not into meditating, then writing them down in a journal works just as well. When you send your energy out into the universe, it’s bound to come right back around.

  • You’re just going to feel better

When you set aside time for YOU, you’re going to feel better about yourself and your day--hands down. Think: how much time in your day goes directly to you? Most of your time probably goes to your job, then running errands, then meeting up with other people and doing things for them. When you set time aside for YOU, you get to truly know yourself and that transcendence is what dreams are made of!

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