Steps to Powerful Intention Setting


Establishing our intentions is like refocusing our brain. Between all the constant chatter and nonsense that goes on up there, it’s hard to stay focused on what we truly want in life!

Intentions can range to unlimited lengths, so there isn’t any right or wrong way to set them. All you need to do is look within and figure out what YOU want or need in this moment in time.

To figure out your intention of the moment, check out these steps for powerful intention setting.

1. Set up a ritual

The extent of which you would like to dive into this is completely up to you. A ritual can be as simple as meditating for 20 minutes, or journaling your feelings before you write your intentions. Do whatever makes you feel the most connected; connection to your inner self is key in pinpointing a strong intention.

2. Clear your mind

Before you set your intention, you’re going to want to quiet all of that persistent chatter. Clarity is a necessity in figuring out what you truly need. Sure, you can probably think of an intention off the top of your head, but, to choose a powerful intention, it is important to calm the mind so you can truly seek within and find what you need.

3. Release any preconceived notions

Calm the mind, relax and forget about the “goal” of finding your intention. Let go of any preconceived thoughts and feelings, and just be. It may sound counter productive, but this is the state where the mind can reach deep into the subconscious and speak to you about it’s deepest needs.


Your inner light will speak to you, but will you listen? The intention that shines through may not be one that you originally thought, so it’s important to be open and willing to listen to what your subconscious sends to you.

5. Act on it

Setting an intention is one thing, but remembering it and acting on it is another. Write your intention down, set the intention as the background photo on your phone, place sticky notes all over your house--whatever you need to transcend your intention into fruition! It’s one thing to intend to give gratitude, it’s another to ACTUALLY be grateful.

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