Our Commitment to Sustainable Skin Care


 Our Commitment to Sustainable Skin Care


Already this year, we’ve had a few tough pills to swallow, like multiple environmental crises happening around the world, including Australian bushfires, erupting volcanoes in the Philippines, and deadly flooding in both Indonesia and Brazil.


Look, I’m not throwing this at you to increase your climate anxiety. I know it can be overwhelming, but these environmental disasters point to our need for a more sustainable lifestyle. 


Sustainability is easier said than done, considering how dependent our society is on convenience and plastic. We can wait for world leaders and governments to pass laws to help the environment (which we know is an absurdly lengthy process), or we can take matters into our own hands and live more sustainably. 


We decided to go with the latter.


Our commitment to sustainable skin care


Since day one, we’ve delivered plant-based skin care products to restore healthy skin in the most natural way possible. 


We’ve steered clear of harmful chemical-filled pollutants that litter the skin care industry, our food and the air we breathe. By taking a stand against using these pollutants, we’re not only delivering pure ingredients derived from Mama Earth herself, but we’re also eliminating harmful chemical waste that could affect soil and groundwater. 


Our unique, simple and effective apothecary line of skin care products uses carefully chosen ingredients from the Earth, including flowers, botanicals and plant extracts to create specific formulations to bring life energy back into your skin. Blue Orchid Collection was created by a sacred union and respect for our Earth, so our commitment to our Mother runs deep and serves as the life force of our purpose


Our sustainable packaging


On top of only using plant-based ingredients, we are also committed to using sustainable packaging. 


All of our products come in glass bottles that can be reused and recycled, as opposed to using wasteful single-use packaging. 


If our products don’t come in glass, then they aren’t packaged at all, like our facial cleansing bar, which comes beautifully wrapped in paper. 


Our commitment to our planet is evident in our ingredients, packaging and core values. Our love for Mother Earth is the beating heart of why we do what we do— to help connect you back to the essence of nature, heal your skin with plant-derived properties, and to harness the healing and life force energy of Earth into our lives. 


The importance of sustainability


As we become more environmentally conscious, it’s crucial to adjust our lifestyle to incorporate more sustainability. Adopting sustainability is crucial in all aspects of our lives, from our diets and shopping, to our choice of products and the way we consume energy. 


Caring for the environment is an all around life effort and, unbeknownst to some, can be supported with your dollars. When you shop at Blue Orchid Collection, you’re supporting sustainability, holistic care, small businesses and eco-friendly production.

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