Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula Extract

The Benefits of Calendula Extract

When thinking of Marigold flowers, it’s hard for Dias de los Muertos to not come to mind. These vibrant yellow and orange flowers are used in almost every aspect of the celebration and are undoubtedly beautiful. 

But, did you know that the oil extracted from these stunning flowers can heal your skin from damage and prevent aging? Yep, marigolds are beautiful inside and out!

Calendula extract

The oil extracted from Marigolds is called Calendula. It’s antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, making it a powerful combative to acne, eczema and psoriasis. Not to mention, it can also enhance the appearance of skin!

The benefits of calendula extract run a long list. It’s also known to tighten pores and slow the onset of wrinkles from aging. It’s an all around great oil that can enhance your skin care routine tremendously. 

The benefits of calendula extract

Calendula extract, similar to other medical plant extracts, offers an impressive array of skin care benefits, including:

  • Acne fighting; anti-inflammatory and antibacterial 
  • Anti-aging; skin tightening and collagen boosting 
  • Antioxidant, great for fighting against pollutants and sun damage
  • Soothing; anti-inflammatory properties also fight against sunburn and redness 

Using calendula extract

Using a combination of multiple plant-derived oils will enhance their skincare powers. For instance, our Beauty Radiance Oil contains calendula extract as well as olive squalene and blue tansy to treat inflammation, acne and soothe skin. 

The same story goes for our Glow Facial Serum, which contains calendula CO2 extract, evening primrose oil and marula oil for skin restoration and moisturization.

We use only the best combination of natural oils and healing botanicals in our products, allowing for quick absorption and nutrient-dense skin care

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