Revive * to regain life, consciousness, or strength * give new strength or energy to.

Revive gives your skin the added boost while removing any remaining dirt missed from the cleansing step. Strawberry extract is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that assist in fading lines and age spots. Strawberry also works to brighten the complexion and renew dull skin.

We placed an emphasis on radiance by creating a base of organic peppermint hydrosol, aloe vera, and alcohol-free witch hazel to assist in the unclogging of pores and control of excess oil.

ingredients: strawberry extract, organic peppermint hydrosol, organic aloe vera juice, alcohol-free witch hazel,  aspen bark extract, organic grapefruit essential oil

4oz. glass bottle

*perfect for daily use

*due to the citrus ingredient, do apply sun protection