Why the Hype Around Apple Cider Vinegar is Real

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Vinegar--even the Apple Cider kind--doesn’t smell or taste all the great. But, if you can get past those less-than-desirable first impressions, then you can unlock an entire world of holistic health!

From gut health to skin care, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is like the holy grail of health ailments. There must be a reason why ACV has been a staple in the Ayurvedic lifestyle--the ancient holistic approach to mind, body and spirit health.

If you haven’t yet tried Apple Cider Vinegar, check out these reasons why you should be adding it to you diet and skin care routine.

It balances the pH levels in your skin

If you’ve been in the routine of using non-natural skin care products, then there’s a strong likelihood that your skin has lost its way in balancing itself. ACV helps circulate this natural pH balance, which helps your skin produce the right amount of oil and fight acne-causing bacteria all on its own.

It has beautiful toning properties

Using ACV as a facial toner can help unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and increase elasticity in skin. Just remember: ACV is strong, so it’s important to dilute it with water, then spread it on your beautiful face with a cotton pad. Or, why not try our Fancy Cucumber Toner? Not only does it have ACV, but it’s also packed with tulsi basil hydrosol cucumber peel extract, aloe vera juice, witch hazel and aspen bark extract. To maximize your skin care routine, follow your toner treatment with our Earth Fruit Face Mask.

It fights against acne scars

ACV works wonders in smoothing out the skin, including lightening scars, bettering texture and improving pigmentation. Again, our Fancy Cucumber Toner is filled with ACV and is perfect for healing any damages to skin.

It enhances circulation

This isn’t just for you skin, but actually applies to your whole body. Consuming ACV can help enhance circulation, which can keep your skin looking young and your heart strong. Add two tablespoons of ACV to a 12 oz glass of water to get these benefits. Remember, consistency is key!

It boosts gut health

The gut is more important than you may think. The gut breaks down all the nutrients that fuels your body, so it’s important to keep it healthy. Not to mention, acne pops up for different reasons--one of them being poor gut health. Start drinking diluted ACV in the morning and after a few weeks, you’ll see some results!

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