Why A Skin Care Gift Set Is The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Why A Skin Care Gift Set Is The Ultimate Holiday Gift

There’s nothing better than picking the perfect gift.

You know the feeling. You give a friend or relative a beautifully wrapped present and the look on their face makes it all worth it.

Often times, we get thoughtful gifts confused with “expensive.” You don’t have to deplete your checking account (and, you definitely don’t need to over charge that credit card) to purchase the “perfect” gift. 

Remember, if it costs you your peace, then it’s too expensive!

So, what gift leaves a smile on everyone’s face and doesn’t dip too much into your savings?

Why skin care is the ultimate holiday gift

Skin care products are one of the best gifts because they’re practical, thoughtful and promote self-care. 

During a stressful time of year, we all need to give ourselves a little more attention, and an organic, fruity face mask can do just the trick to calm us down!

While we all love a little self-care, skin care products are also a highly useful gift. 

With conscious consumerism on the rise (thank god), it’s important to actually think about the quality of the gift and if it fits the recipient’s interests, instead of buying something just to suffice the need of a gift.

Since the majority of the people in your life already use skin care products, you know your gift won’t go unappreciated. 

But, “skin care” is a broad term. So, where do you start?

The best skin care gift sets 

Just imagine— you’re running out of beauty products (as we all do) and your friend gives you a skin care gift set (yes, they exist!). You open the box and now you have three amazing products to replace your old and nearly empty ones. 

Not only would you feel extremely grateful, but you’d feel like your friend just read your mind! Even if we need new skin care products, we want them just as much, which is why they’re the perfect gift!

A skin care gift set, (that’s stocked with organic skin care products, of course) is the ultimate gift because it provides a variety of products and promotes self-care.  

But, which skin care gift sets are the best?

Self Love Facial + Ritual Set

While the skin care gift set you choose for your friend completely depends on them as an individual, giving them a set that hits all the necessities is guaranteed to be loved and appreciated. 

Our Self Love Facial + Ritual Set accomplishes just that. Featuring Fancy Cucumber Toner, Glow Facial Serum and Wildflower Grains Exfoliate, this skin care gift set was created with the commitment of self-nurturing and caring in mind, making it a truly loving gift. 

As an added bonus, this gift set also comes with a sage stick and Abalone shell, creating a beautiful ambiance that will surprise anyone who opens the box. 


Bath + Bloom Sample Set

Whether you have a friend that’s obsessed with baths or is on a mission to make 2020 an introspective and self-enriching year, this Bath + Bloom Sample Set will speak to her soul when you gift it to her this year. 

With transformation as its main purpose, this gift set is designed to detoxify, soothe, then replenish all in one bath tub session. Featuring Himalayan Pink Bath Salt, Coconut Bath Salt and Bloom Body Oil, this gift says everything you need all in the unspoken language of love. 

Delivered in a cotton drawstring bag, this gift is already wrapped and ready to be given to someone special in your life! 

Classic Scrub Kit

Do you have a skin care obsessed friend who has her beauty routine down to a T? Instead of giving her facial care products, give her a rejuvenating Classic Scrub Kit.

Packed with Himilayan Rose Body Scrub and Touch of Green Body Scrub (both of which are completely chemical free!), your bff, sister, aunt, mom or coworker will be on her way to having glowing skin, unclogged pores and smooth, even skin tone. 

(Don’t exclude the men in your life when thinking about who deserves this gift— we probably all know a man who could use softer skin!)

Delivered with two scrubs and a eucalyptus bundle, this set is ready for gifting!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or need a few stocking stuffer ideas, giving a skin care gift set will definitely deliver love, gratitude and appreciation to your friends and relatives this holiday season. 

Want to add even more to your gift? Our Radiance Beauty Oil and Essential Oil Air Mist are amazing additions to further tell the people you love how much you care about them!

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