Ingredient Spotlight: Cucumber (And, Why You Need to Add it to Your Skin Care Routine)

Cucumber in Skincare


Cucumber— it spices up your salads, water, green smoothies, and, now, your skin care routine. 

While cucumber is a healthy, nutritious and refreshing snack, it packs a huge punch in the skin care realm. Hello, anti-inflammation, hydration and vitamin C

Whether you’re throwing cucumbers on your eyes for an at-home spa day, or using a cucumber toner as part of your skin care routine, there’s plenty of ways to reap the benefits of this medicinal veggie. 

Cucumber in skin care 

Regardless if you choose to eat it or put it on your skin, receiving cucumber’s benefits is simple. 

Cucumber is full of nutrients like vitamin A, B1, C, biotin and potassium, and is also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for lightening, brightening, moisturizing and toning, implementing cucumber into your skin care routine can improve your overall skin health. 

You can use cucumber for a variety of reasons, including hydrating your skin, reducing eye puffiness or dark eye circles, soothing skin after a day in the sun, and helping fight acne. Who knew cucumbers could be so good!

But, how exactly should you incorporate this magical moisturizing veggie into your skin care routine?

How to incorporate cucumber into your skin care routine

You can’t go wrong with a little (or a lot) of cucumber. Adding more cucumber to your diet is a sure fire way to reap the benefits throughout your body, including your skin. But, there’s also plenty of ways to add it to your skin care routine.

At-home cucumber mask

Yes, you can literally put cucumbers all over your face and receive its hydrating benefits! Whether you have inflammation, acne, puffiness or dryness, a DIY cucumber mask can do just the trick!

What You’ll Need:

  • Cucumber
  • Mandoline, or a knife

DIY Cucumber Mask:

  • First, place the cucumber in the fridge overnight— it needs to be cold!
  • Then, wash your face
  • Using a mandoline, cut the cucumber into thin pieces. If you’re using a knife, make sure each piece is thin and even
  • Place the cucumber pieces evenly on your face, covering every part of your skin. You can choose to leave your eyes uncovered, or you can fully cover your eyes to help reduce eye puffiness
  • Leave the mask on for thirty minutes. After you’ve removed the mask, finish your routine with your toner and moisturizer

Cucumber toner

Toning should definitely be part of your skin care routine because it helps remove dirt and impurities from your skin that may not have been reached by your cleanser.

Using a toner with cucumber, like our Fancy Cucumber Toner, not only cleanses the skin, but also provides anti-inflammatory and skin tightening properties, as well as enzymes essential for cell repair. Plus, this toner also comes with Green Tea Extract (hello, antioxidants!) and Basil Hydrosol (perfect for acne, oily and aging skin!).

After you’ve washed your face, apply the Fancy Cucumber Toner evenly to your skin. You can then follow up with a serum or a moisturizer.

And, speaking of moisturizer…

Cucumber moisturizer

Cucumber’s high water content makes it perfect for hydrating! While a cucumber mask can definitely add more moisture to your skin, our Brighten Face Cream provides those amazing cucumber benefits and more.

Our Brighten Face Cream is packed with:

  • Cucumber peel extract — contains silica, which is great for tightening skin
  • Pomegranate seed extract — helps reduce signs of aging and wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid — enhances collagen and elastin production
  • Rooibos Leaf Extract — contains superoxide dismutase, which is an enzyme that produces healthy skin cells and reduces wrinkles
  • Blue Green Algae — maintains the appearance of smooth and glowing skin

While cucumbers play a role in our Brighten Face Cream, the beauty is the blend of so many plant-based and organic skin care ingredients. Even though cucumber is already amazing on it’s own, it’s even better with a little help from some friends!

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