Feeling Stressed? Here’s Five Ways You Can Alleviate Stress Instantly

Tips to alleviate stress

Life— it’s a beautiful gift full of ample opportunity, loving relationships and unparallel wonders.... 

It can also be very stressful. 

Not to burst such an optimistic bubble, but we’re just being honest here!

Whether related to your work or personal life, we all have felt stressed out at least once in our lives. Honestly, we’re probably stressed out at least once every week, if not everyday!

According to the American Psychological Association, most Americans suffer from moderate to high stress, with 44 percent saying their stress has increased over the past five years.

Not only is stress clearly here to stay, but it’s just down right inevitable. Even if you do all of the necessary self-healing to truly feel connected with yourself, stress can still creep in from outside sources. Life happens, and sometimes life is stressful.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of tips and tricks to alleviate stress. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy to eliminating stress, so it’s important to choose a technique that works for you. Next time you feel stressed out, try one of these stress alleviating tips to help bring you back down to earth. 


Stress comes from hormones that initiate a “flight or fight” response in our minds. While this mental state may be unavoidable, breathwork is a profoundly effective way to alleviate this feeling.

Deep breathing in itself increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and, in return, influences a state of calmness.

So, the best way to hack into your own mind and calm it down is through deep and conscious breathing.

Next time you feel stressed, try this simple breathwork exercise:

  • Breathe in for seven seconds, filling your entire lung capacity. Hold for a couple seconds, then release for seven seconds
  • Inhale for nine seconds, hold, breathe out for nine seconds
  • Inhale for 11 seconds, hold, breathe out for 11 seconds
  • Inhale for 13 seconds, hold, breathe out for 13 seconds
  • Again, inhale for 13 seconds, hold, breathe out for 13 seconds
  • Inhale for 11 seconds, hold, breathe out for 11 seconds
  • Inhale for nine seconds, hold, breathe out for nine seconds
  • Inhale for seven seconds, hold, breathe out for seven seconds

This short breathing technique is an amazing relaxation tool. Be sure to focus on your breath, and inhale and exhale fully. 

Go for a walk 

Sometimes we need a change of environment to relieve our stress. 

Taking a break to go on a screen-free walk not only gets your body moving, but it also introduces you to a change of scenery that can make your problems seem less intense.

Whether you need to leave a stressful task to go on a walk and clear your mind, or schedule a consistent twenty minute daily walk, going for a leisurely stroll is a powerful way to relieve some stress. 


While breathwork can help relieve stress in the moment, meditation can provide you with the mental tools to better deal with stress in the long run.

By calming the mind through meditation, you are basically training your brain to better handle your inner and outward conflict. Once you have maintained a consistent meditation practice, you’ll notice the issues that used to cause you so much stress may not affect you on the same level.

If you want a stronger mentality, then meditation is definitely the way to go. While incorporating meditation into your morning routine is a solid way to reap its benefits, you can also choose to meditate whenever and wherever you want to experience its stress alleviation. 

Phone a friend

Sometimes, we just need to let it out.

There’s something therapeutic about getting all those feelings off your chest to someone you trust, and calling a friend during a stressful moment can help you find better clarity around the situation.

Alleviating your stress can be as easy as simply talking it out. Plus, your confidant may be able to share some wisdom and insight that is outside of your perspective!

Get crafty

How often do you do an activity or a hobby just for fun?

Creating art through paintings, drawings, collages, and mosaic pieces can give your mind a break and help alleviate stress. When we focus on our creative hobbies, the world and all its worries tend to fade momentarily. Like meditation, you’re giving your mind a break from everything that demands your attention.

If you're not blessed with an artistic craft, then no worries! Studies have shown that simply coloring can effectively relieve stress. No wonder adult coloring books are gaining popularity!

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