Beauty Sleep and Why Your Skin Needs It

 Beauty Sleep and Why your Skin Needs It


Life. It’s needy, calling for your attention at all hours of the day. The stress that builds up from the hustle-and-bustle of daily life can and will interrupt your beauty sleep if you let it take control. And, yes, it is beauty sleep.

A solid amount of busy life-goers lowly prioritize sleep when they feel they have to choose between counting sheep and getting whatever they feel needs to get done. This mistake is made by many and is not only shown in our mood and mannerisms, but is also reflected in the mirror.

Maybe, you’ve noticed stress and skin conditions are closely correlated. But, don’t stress out about this, too! To lower your stress levels and heal your skin, just make sure you get enough hours of sleep every night. Don’t think that’s quite possible? Then check out these tips to set yourself up for a full night sleep.

When you finally get the rest that you not only need but deserve, your skin (and mood!) will start to glow. Here’s what happens to your skin when you treat yourself to continuous slumber.


  • Your body, including your skin, repairs itself

Sleep is like hitting the restart button. It signals to your cells to start the cycle of rebirth--your dead skin sheds and replaces itself, just like the powerful shedding of a snake. No wonder those mystic creatures are so smooth!


  • Brain chemicals to the rescue

Sleep allows melatonin to be released from your brain, which is a hormone that’s known for its anti-aging antioxidant properties that helps repair age spots and even contributes to the prevention of skin cancer.


  • Your body increases collagen production

While your catching z’s, your body ups its production of collagen which improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.


  • Dehydration is fueled by lack of sleep

When you choose not to give your body the sleep it needs, it falls into dehydration. The signs are clear if you pay attention--swollen, sunken eyes, pale complexion and flakey skin.

Counting sheep and catching z’s will alter the existence of your skin, making you look and feel well-rested. If you already see the effects of lack of sleep, then use our Fancy Cucumber Facial Toner that’s packed with antioxidants, minerals and enzymes to give some life back to your skin.

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