How to Routinely Get a Full Night Sleep

 How to Routinely Get a Full Night Sleep

Do you feel sluggish in the morning? Are you constantly reaching for a cup of coffee to keep you moving through the day? This exhaustion is common, but why? Perhaps we are prioritizing too many external elements in our life, instead of focusing on what we truly need.

So, what do we need to combat this constant cloud of fatigue that hangs above us? The answer is quite simple: sleep.

Before you list off all the excuses on why you don’t have enough time for a full night sleep, or maybe through out the classic cliché that you’ll sleep when you’re dead, check out these tips on how to actually make it happen.

  1. Wake up earlier

Imagine that! If you don’t think you have enough time to get a full night sleep, then maybe it’s time to start waking up earlier. Yes, this will be initially difficult, but once you have switched your internal clock and establish a morning routine (which is equally as important!), then it will be easier to catch some z’s at night. Naturally, we are meant to rise with the sun, so altering your schedule can help you focus more on getting things done during the day, which will eliminate that pesky excuse that you don’t have time for sleep.

     2. Get off your phone!

Do you really not have enough time for a full night sleep, or are you choosing to spend your time on somethings that are far less important? On average, we are spending an entire day out of the week online. Yes, you read that right--an entire day. When you indulge in this much screen time, you are consciously making a decision to prioritize your phone over the other aspects of your life. And, if you aren’t conscious about it, then practicing mindfulness throughout the day can help make you more aware of what you are giving your precious time to!

  1. Establish a nightly routine

Morning and night routines are equally as important. The first gets you ready for the day, the latter prepares your mind to sleep. To help your mind relax, it’s crucial to be off of your phone for at least 30 minutes before bed. When we stare at our phone, we are sending light into our vision and our mind, which signals our brain to stay awake. If you are on your phone up until the moment you roll over to sleep, it’s no wonder you’re waking up so groggy. On top off putting your phone down, meditation, a light yoga flow and infusing incense can also signal to your mind that it’s time to relax for bed.

  1. It’s all about switching your focus inward
What do you need? What is best for you? Switching this focus inward can dramatically guide you to delivering what you and your body need. Most of the time, we focus our attention externally and mentally throw self-care into the back seat. But, to give life the best version of yourself, you need to focus on you first. How can you possibly contribute to this world when your very own light is dimmed? There’s many elements to self-care, but a HUGE one is sleep. Getting a full night sleep will transform your mood and your productivity, enhancing your opportunities to give more in your life and in the lives of others.

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