The Best Essential Oils for Congestion

Essential Oils for Congestion

Nothing hinders your days and nights more than congestion. The struggle to breath, the endless sniffles--it can rob the productivity of your life!

There’s plenty over-the-counter medications that can help with congestion, but what if you want to take a holistic approach? Essential oils harness amazing holistic health powers and among their multitude of uses, curbing congestion is one of them!

If you find yourself unable to shake congestion, then check out these essential oils that are best for clearing your chest and sinuses:

Because of its powerful aromatic properties, Peppermint is very effective in the fight against congestion. Blend a few drops with a carrier oil and massage it into the chest to clear lung congestion. To clear the sinuses, put a few droplets into a humidifier and enjoy the freshly crisp smell.


Eucalyptus is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and works wonders for congestion. You can place a few drops in a humidifier, or blend 2-3 drops in water and pour it over a washcloth. Place the washcloth on your shower shelf and, as the water starts to steam, the eucalyptus oil will fill the shower and clear your sinuses.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree is also a solid choice when picking your weapon against congestion. The best way to use tree tree is to place a few drops in boiling water and inhale the vapor for about five minutes. You can also use a humidifier, if you prefer.

Combine two drops peppermint, three drops eucalyptus and three drops tea tree with just one drop of lemon to make a congestion killing combo. You can use this blend in any of the ways listed above. However, be very careful with adding essential oils to your skin and always use a carrier oil, like coconut oil, to dilute the essential oils. About one teaspoon of Eucalyptus can be fatal if consumed and should never be applied directly to the skin without a strong dilution, so be smart when handling these powerful oils!

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