How to Harness the Energy of the Moon Through New and Full Moon Rituals

how to harness the moon energy


With the changing cycles of the moon brings different energies into our lives. After all, the moon controls the tides and, since we are roughly made of 60% water, it’s no wonder that it also controls our emotions and behaviors. 


The force of the moon goes beyond our emotions— it is also responsible for the gravitational pull, women’s fertility cycles and the effectiveness of our sleep cycles. Ancient people have always known this connection with the moon that we have now seemingly forgotten. They harvested, celebrated and planned events around the moon and its many cycles. 


Implementing moon cycle rituals can help us get back to our roots and be more aware of the changing energy shifts. Connecting with this energy through moon ceremony rituals can give us a better sense of fluidity through this ever-changing energetic presence and can help us prepare for these powerful shifts. By being deeply connected with the moon, you’re not increasing your hyper sensitivity to its energy shifts, but rather improving your awareness and resilience of this strong universal power and preparing for the natural ebb and flow of life.

Overall, the purpose of moon rituals is to learn how to harness the moon’s energy and transmute it into your manifestations, dreams, goals and relationships. 


New and Full Moon Rituals

While the moon goes through many cycles, new and full moon rituals are the most recognized. But, what exactly do these moon cycles mean?

The new moon energy symbolizes new beginnings since it marks the start of the moon cycle. It brings opportunity, potential and the power of growth. This is the time to set new intentions, establish new goals and focus on new ideas; plant the seed during the new moon and harvest its growth through the remaining moon cycles.

The full moon energy harnesses very strong emotional, mental and physical forces that are at its peak. This is a time to take the leap and go for it, whether it be a business, relationship or personal endeavour. This is also the time to recognize what is serving us and what is not, and to let go of whatever is weighing us down. 


Moon Rituals for Beginners

Establishing a ritual during the full and new moon cycles creates an air of sacredness that helps us connect deeper to this universal power. While moon rituals are often based off of intuition, there are a few steps you can do to create a sacred space.


  • Engage in your moon ritual outside under the moon, or inside with the moon in view from the window. If you want to turn your ritual into a full or new moon celebration, then you can gather with friends around a bonfire, which is a powerful way to channel both the energy of the moon and the energy of the elements. 
  • Clear any negative energies by smudging with sage or palo santo.
  • Set up an altar with the representation of the four elements. For example, lay out a cloth and place a candle, glass of water, a crystal or any other earth element, and incense in front of you. 
  • Call to the cardinal points, guides, angels, or any power that suits you. 
  • Clear your mind by meditating for at least five minutes before calling to the energy of the moon.


New Moon Ritual

After you have set up your sacred space, you’ll want to harness the power of the moon specific to its given cycle. Some new moon ritual ideas include writing clear and distinct intentions in your journal, or drawing out their representations. You can call to the energy of the moon by asking to bring your ideas or goals into fruition and growth into your life. By writing down your intentions or drawing them out in a journal, you are able to hone down on exactly what you need this month and can properly channel the energy of the new moon to help you with your growth. 


Full Moon Ritual 


Similar to the new moon, you will jot down your full moon intentions in a journal or draw out their representations. However, this time, you will call to the moon to reflect on what you need or don’t need. The full moon is a time for reflection— what has served you and what has not? What can you let go of and what blockages can you release during this time? Have you been prolonging the inevitable? What do you need to do, or what do you need to move on from?

Closing the ritual

At the end of both rituals, you need to close the session in a sacred form. This can be done by meditating, chanting mantras or singing a particular song. Call to your intuition to decide what is best for you. 

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