Five Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day



It goes without saying that we should express our love and gratitude everyday. But, of course, Valentine’s Day is specifically the one day out of the year that’s dedicated to sharing our love with one another.

Throughout the years, it seems like we, collectively as a society, have focused our love externally rather than internally. Both expressions of love are equally as important, however, most of us forget to give ourselves some love...and a little extra, too.

If you’ve come to a standstill on how to show yourself some love this Vday, check out these ways to celebrate the most important relationship you have in this life--the one with YOU.

  1. Face mask me, please

Nothing screams self love more than face masks--ok, maybe some ice cream and Netflix, too. Give yourself the gift of relaxation with our Renewal Mask--a detoxifying face mask filled with pure ingredients straight from Earth herself, guaranteed to make your skin and soul feel like they’ve been reborn. After the mask, top off your skin with our Facial Serum that’s sure to make you feel absolutely rejuvenated.

  1. Treat yourself!

Take yourself to brunch and buy yourself a little something special. Whether it’s flowers, a new pair of boots or another crystal to add to your collection. Whatever is pulling your energy, treat yourself by indulging in it a little. Of course, everything in moderation!

  1. Bath + Bloom Baby!

Sit back and relax with our Bath + Bloom Sample Set. This bath routine has all the self care goodies--himalayan pink bath salt, coconut bath salt AND bloom body oil. Yes, we really think you can have it all!

  1. Indulge in your own flow

Do whatever makes you happy, whether that’s attending a morning yoga class, curling up with your favorite book or trying something new. Only you know what sings to your heart, so listen to what it yearns for and give it to her!

  1. Compliment yourself

Ok, maybe you’re not hyped about Valentine’s Day--and, that’s ok! Celebrating yourself can come in settle forms and isn’t always about indulgence. Instead, express self-appreciation by writing down five things that you LOVE about yourself. Our subconscious is always listening to what we say--both negative and positive. It’s amazing the changes we see when we switch our narrative from criticizing to celebrating!

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