5 Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice is widely recognized as the longest day of the year. But, did you know this day has been marked on our ancestor’s calendars for thousands of years? This Friday, June 21, harnesses the power of the Summer Solstice, which gives opportunity for connection, realignment, celebration and reflection.

The sun gives immeasurable power that reaches its height on the Summer Solstice. This time of the year is associated with abundance, the element fire and the life that nurtures the seeds we have sown. Literally, in relation to the harvesting season, the seeds have been planted and we care for them until they sprout with nourishment. But, also figuratively, the year is half way over and the dark will return soon. What have you made for yourself so far this year? Have you laid the seeds that must grow? Have you harvested the goals and dreams of your life?

There’s plenty of celebration to go on during the Summer Solstice. The sun, the undying light, gives us life--a life that burns through the galaxy and in our hearts. This is the time to remember that the power of the sun is within us. Life is within us and we all are a piece of this undying light.

To celebrate this powerful day of universal strength and celebration, we have outlined a few ways to connect with yourself and the infinite power of the sun.

1. Bonfire

Our ancestors lit bonfires during the Summer Solstice to connect with the fire of the sun that burns inside of us. Observing the flames and seeing their strength within you is a pure celebration of unity that has been in place for thousands of years.

2. Yoga

Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day both fall on June 21. What better way to connect with your inner light than to move through the motions of mind, spirit and body? To connect on a higher plain, take a sunrise yoga class to bring in the power of the Summer Solstice.

3. Garden

If you have your own garden or a local community garden, the Summer Solstice is the perfect day to connect with the Earth. The sun that shines so brightly on us feeds the plants that then feed us. It is a beautiful chain that comes directly from the power of the sun. Connect with this power and find some time to tend to your garden.

4. Bask in the Sun

Preferably, next to a body of water. All of the elements are interconnected, so basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean or a lake can truly connect you to the elements of life. While the sun gives you power, water gives you calmness and the opportunity to reflect on where you are on this very day.

5. Your Own Home Ritual

Rituals create the element of sacredness. So, no matter how you decide to do it, rituals can be a perfect way to honor the sun. Lay your crystals out in the sunlight, burn some incense, light a candle and place Sunstone or Tiger’s Eye on your third eye. Meditate, follow your breath and connect with your fire--your light within. Is this ritual not your cup of tea? Then, create your own!

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